2015 National Convention

Memphis, TN

The 2015 American Atheists National Convention is being held April 2-5, 2015 at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee.

For our 41st Annual National Convention, we are thrilled to welcome keynote speaker: author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Ms. Hirsi Ali is the author of Infidel and Nomad: From Islam to America. She is currently a Fellow with the Future of Diplomacy Project at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs where she is researching the relationship between the West and Islam. 

In addition to Ms. Hirsi Ali, American Atheists will welcome dozens of speakers from throughout the atheist community. 

Schedule of Events

Ayaan Hirsi Ali's keynote address will be on Friday, April 3. However, American Atheists will once again present three days of speeches, panels, and trainings from leaders in our community. 

On Thursday, we will invite activists from our local affiliates and partners to attend a series of intensive workshops that will help you to start and run your own group, gain the attention of media, and engage in lobbying to change the laws of your state and the nation.

Exhibitors and Sponsors

We will once again offer exhibit and vendor space at the convention. Our 2014 Convention Vendors reported excellent sales, great visibility, and many have already called to book their booths for 2015! Space is limited, so please register today.

In addition, we are pleased to offer sponsorship opportunities for a number of events during the convention. Options include: You Can't Explain That! Pub Quiz, coffee breaks, speaker sponsorship, and the annual comedy show. Additionally, there is ad space available in the convention program booklet. Sponsorship packages are flexible and available for any budget. For more information about sponsorship, please contact Director of Development Nick Fish

Code of Conduct

American Atheists is committed to hosting a fun, friendly, and informative convention for all participants. American Atheists does not tolerate harassment of or by conference participants in any form. A more complete description of our code of conduct is available here.

Our National Conventions are open to and welcomes all ages; however, please note that some discussions will feature adult language and frank discussions on issues of religion, sexuality, and personal issues. 

American Atheists would like to ensure that all atheists feel welcome at our National Convention. One way we can do that is to acknowledge the needs of the transgender members of our community. American Atheists will once again designate gender neutral restrooms at the convention site. Restrooms can be a source of harassment, intimidation, and even violence for transgender people. We believe that such challenges and threats have no place in our community. If you choose to use these restrooms, please let everyone else use them in peace. Each of us can determine for ourselves in which bathroom we belong.

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